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Changing Patterns in Trending Culture

Web Designing and Graphic Designing industries are constantly changing. With the enhancement of creativity and adoption of newer tools there are drastic changes occur in the designing industry. By eliminating old trends and moving with the current the latest web designs and patterns proffer a new experience to each user. To continue to learn, grow…

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Impact of Color on Web Design

Beginning with the red flames to the graffiti cave walls, colours have always been a powerful form of communication throughout history. Over the years, scientists have continued to study the psychology of colour and its impact. From the daily clothes we wear to the trinkets we buy, colours evoke multiple feelings and emotions that influence…

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iByte – Innovation in Each Byte

In the fast-growing technological world the most pivotal element required for any business is a Website. It is usually the first method of contact for all potential new customers. The first impression is the long-lasting best impression created in anyone and for this sole reason a Website should project an image quality and professionalism initially….

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